您的孩子需要齒列矯正治療嗎?Signs Your Child May Need Orthodontic Care


1. 乳牙提早或延遲換牙(Early or Late Loss of Baby Teeth)

2. 咀嚼或咬東西困難 (Difficulty Chewing or Biting)

3. 口呼吸 (Mouth breathing)

4. 下顎移位或關節咔嗒聲 (Jaws Shifting or Clicking)

5. 咬臉頰 (Cheek biting)

6. 顏面不對稱 (Facial Imbalance)

以下為您詳細說明 :

 1.  乳牙提早或延遲換牙---太早或太晚掉落乳牙,都會對要更換的恆牙產生問題。兒童矯正醫生是判斷和治療換牙異常的專家。

  2.  咀嚼或咬東西困難 ----吃東西應該不會痛。 雖然“萌牙”會帶來不適,但咀嚼疼痛表明存在需要解決的齒列矯正問題。

     3.     口呼吸--- 雖然矯正醫生無法糾正口呼吸,但這種呼吸模式可能會出現咬合不正問題,矯正醫生可以診斷並利用矯正裝置來治療。

    4.  下顎移位或關節咔嗒聲 ---由於咬合不正導致下頜移位,會引發下頜疼痛和其他牙科問題。 矯正醫生是評估您的牙齒咬合,並確保它們正確的專家。

    5. 咬臉頰 ----在正常的咬合中,上頷牙齒的頰側牙冠,會讓臉頰遠離下顎牙齒的咀嚼面。如果您的孩子經常咬到臉頰,則可能是牙齒錯咬(反咬),或其他妨礙正常咀嚼的情況。

    6. 顏面不對稱 ----嘴唇、下巴和其他面部特徵的外觀,受到牙齒排列和頜骨位置的影響。齒列矯正醫生是評估及治療牙齒、頜骨和顏面之間關係的專家。


Signs Your Child May Need Orthodontic Care

One of the easiest ways to determine if it’s time to take your child to an orthodontist is if you notice any of these early warning signs:

  1. Early or Late Loss of Baby Teeth -- Although there are ranges of normal variation, losing baby teeth too early or too late can create problems with the permanent ones that should replace them. A child orthodontist is an expert in recognizing and treating adverse variations.
  2. Difficulty Chewing or Biting-- Eating should not hurt. Although there is discomfort associated with “teething,” painful chewing may indicate there are orthodontic problems that should be addressed.
  3. Mouth Breathing-- Although orthodontists cannot correct mouth breathing, there are orthodontic problems that can develop as a result of this pattern of breathing which can be addressed and corrected by an orthodontist.
  4. Jaws Shifting or Clicking-- Shifting of the lower jaw due to a bite problem can lead to jaw pain and other dental consequences. Orthodontists are experts in evaluating how your teeth come together and can make sure they’re properly aligned.
  5. Cheek Biting-- In a normal bite, the outer cusps of the upper teeth hold the cheeks away from the lower chewing surfaces. If your child is constantly biting their cheeks, they may have a crossbite or other condition that is preventing normal chewing.
  6. Facial Imbalance-- The appearance of the lips, chin, and other facial features are affected by the underlying teeth and jaws. Orthodontists are experts in evaluating the relationship between the teeth, jaws, and the face.

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